Emerald Web Credits

We wish to thank the following people for contributing to Emerald Mine Online:

Peter Gilbert Peterson

Digital Integration for permission to upload Supaplex.


This site, originally known as "Emerald Mine Online", was launched by Galaxy in early 2000.
The url of the first time was http://members.xoom.com/galaxy_em/ - archive.org still has a snapshot of that page of 2001

On July 4, 2001 , Emerald Mine Online was renamed to "Emerald web" and became a part of "AMI Sector One", founded by Bernd Gmeineder
The new URL was http://amiga.emucamp.com/emerald/
On December 23, 2001 Ami Sector One became a part of "Back to the Roots" - on the URL http://www.back2roots.org/
AMI Sector One is no longer operational.

Due to a lack of Emerald Mine disks, the site was no longer updated for several years.

On January 31, 2006, Galaxy posted a message on the English Amiga Board looking for someone to take over the task of maintaining the site.
Nearly 2 years later, Steffest discovered the message and took up the gauntlet... the result was a new Emerald Web incarnation and a new URL: http://www.emeraldmines.net

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