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Emerald mines is your collection of "Emerald Mines" games.
The most complete one around, we might add :-)

Emerald Mine is a popular BoulderDash-like game that originally was released in 1987 for the Amiga by Kingsoft
It was originally written by Klaus Heinz and Volker Wertich

Since then, the game inspired people from all over the world to design new levels and create countless spin-offs and clones.
The main purpose of this site is to archive all released Emerald Mines disks for the Amiga.
However, this site also stores other Boulderdash Clones for the Amiga, and maybe in the future for other platforms as well.
If you want to play these games, go get yourself an Amiga, or - more probable - use an emulator.

Latest news: BugMine 3 and RuppelMine 6 updates
The version of "BugMine 3" on this site contained some corrupt files and the disk was not fully playable.
Next to that the "RuppelMine 06" file was an accidental copy of "RuppelMine 05"

These issues has been fixed and the ADF files have been updated
Bugmine 31/13/2008
Ruppelmine 61/14/2008

Posted by Steffest on 10/21/2020 10:45:08 AM
Latest additions:
Random screenshot
Missing Mines
We are still looking for the following Emerald Mines disks to complete this collection. (Or a confirmation that these mines don't exist or are duplicates)

  • Amiga Mine 6 - 11 on some lists called "AGA mine"
  • Eagle Mine 18
  • Revenge o.t. Yams 3 - 6
  • Sky Mine 09
  • Crazy Mine 02 - repack of Crazy Mine 01
  • Emerald Expert 1 - same as Expert mine 1
  • Gold Nuggets 3 - duplicate of Surfer Mine 1
  • Gold Nuggets 4 - duplicate of Runner Mine 5
  • Gold Nuggets 5 - duplicate of Runner Mine 6

For the following we have the levelsets, but not the original disks
  • Bobby Dash 2
  • Kings update 1-3

If you have any Emerald Mine games / levels / clones that are not included in the archive, and you wish to contribute, please contact us.
We GREATLY appreciate it.

Of course you can also design some caves yourself!

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