Emerald Web update
Only a small update this time. Cave Crash II, the shareware version of Herman and some more emerald mine tools were added to the archive. Also added is Downunder Mine 20, the latest contribution from Peter Gilbert Peterson. Forgotten Mine and Cave Crash III were updated with bootable disk versions. If anyone knows how to contact the author of Herman, please contact us.

The following table is a full list of the new binary additions to Emerald Web:
Title Publisher / Developer Year Type
Cave Crash II - Crash or Smash! Martin Scholz / Maik Schmidt / Galaxya Software 1994 ECS
Cave Crash III - Squash or Dash! Martin Scholz / Jörg Böllmann / Maik Schmidt / Galaxya Software 1998 ECS
Downunder Mine 20 Skippy 1993 ECS
Emerald Mine FixerNo One Inc199?ECS
Emerald Mine Tools 3.1No One Inc1991ECS
Forgotten MineDamir Ahr / Autumn Design199?ECS
HermanPaul Thompson1996ECS


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