Emerald Web update
Small update: Thanks to Peter Gilbert Peterson, Emerald Web now offers the No One Mine series nos 1-20 with the addition of No One Mine 19. Thanks also to Rafik who has given us permission to include his game Diamonds Mine in the archive. Note that this game is postcard (or email) ware so please send him a message if you enjoy the game.Please also pay a visit to his website.

The following table is a full list of the new binary additions to Emerald Web:
Title Publisher / Developer Year Type
Diamonds Mine Rafik 199? ECS
Dizzy Lizzy The Happening Boiz 1991 ECS
Mega Boulderdash Psychotic Productions/Magic Games 1995 ECS
Mine TrasherGranitsoft199?ECS
No One Mine 19No One Inc.1995ECS/AGA


Emerald Web update
New downloads: Some gaps in the No One Mine series have been plugged by contributions from Peter Gilbert Peterson. Other new items include the Ruppelware Emerald Mine Utilities and Per One Mines Nos 1-6.

Please contact us if you have anything that you think we could add to the archive.

Full list of new additions to the Emerald Mine downloads section:

Title Publisher / Developer Year Type
No One Mine 4 No One Inc. 1991 ECS
No One Mine 11 No One Inc. 1992 ECS
No One Mine 17 No One Inc. 1993 ECS
Per One Mine 1Per One Inc.1995ECS
Per One Mine 2Per One Inc.1995ECS
Per One Mine 3Per One Inc.1995ECS
Per One Mine 4Per One Inc.1995 ECS
Per One Mine 5Per One Inc.1995ECS
Per One Mine 6Per One Inc.1996ECS
RobouldixThe Terminus Team19??ECS
Ruppelware Emerald Mine UtilitiesRuppelware1990ECS

Emerald Web update
Minor update. The Emerald Mine v6.00 demo has been added to the main archive. The Emerald Mine tools section has now been added. Here you can download game editors. There is also an additional coverscan: Prospector in the Mazes of Xor.

Emerald Web update
Emerald Mine Online has now officially become a part of AMI Sector One. Emerald Mine Online was last updated about 12 months ago. Since then, the whole web site has been completely revamped.

There is a new section: Coverscans, which includes scanned box covers for several Emerald Mine related games.

New additions to the Emerald Mine archive include:

Title Publisher / Developer Year Type
Boulderdäsh (several versions) Guido Mersmann 1995-97 ECS
Boulderdash C64 1.1 Wim Taymans 1994 AGA
Cave Crash III - Squash or Dash Maik Schmidt 1998 ECS
Emerald Mine ProFrodo ECS
Forgotten MineDamir Arh (Autumn Design) ECS/AGA
Forgotten Mine 2Damir Arh (Autumn Design)2000 
Freak MineFreakie199? ECS
Grotto MinePistol 199?ECS
Grotto Mine 2Pistol199?ECS
Haunted MineSkippy199?ECS
Haunted Mine 2Skippy199?ECS
Rocknuts 2Skippy1992ECS

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